Opened as the "iDISCOVERI PRESCHOOL" on 7-7-7 and now powered by "XSEED",         Number 2 in the India Pre School Ranking 2015 by Education World in Gurgaon's most Respected Preschool
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THE IDISCOVERI PRESCHOOL is the first step children take into the outside world therefore great care has been taken to plan the facilities at the iDiscoveri Preschool Sector 46.

A lot of thought has gone into planning the facilities in our Pre-school. For example there is a reason as to why we want the child to bring in home cooked food for the main meal and have the same snack as other friends have. There is a reason why edges of furniture in the classroom look a certain way. The indoor and outdoor play areas are planned to provide a safe and stimulating environment. Facilities like Rainwater Harvesting, Vermi-compost Pit, Kitchen Garden, Bird Bath, The 3 Coloured Bins in the Classroom, (Reduce Reuse Recycle) help instill green values at an early age. The school provides day care & transportation facilities for students. Teachers are trained on first aid administration and a doctor is always on call.

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Outdoor Play Area: This area has been created using safe & natural flexible material. There is a Jungle Gym, Sand Pit, Flexible Splash Pool and a Bike Path

Garden:The Garden on both sides of the THE IDISCOVERI PRESCHOOL, is Large and Thoughtfully done with the Purpose of Exposing Children to a large variety of Flora.

Kitchen Garden: There is a Patch for Children to grow a variety of Vegetables and Fruit Shrubs, encouraging them to observe changing patterns through the year, as part of the experiential learning.

Bird Feeding: Children are encouraged to feed birds and create homes for them too.

Vermi Compost Pit: A Vermicompost pit is installed which encourages children to dispose of bio-degradable garbage in it and learn and experience the principle of re-cycle.


Class Rooms: The Rooms are Bright, Safe and Child Friendly with low level furniture and safe materials. The hub of the Class Room is the different learning corners that focus on individual learners and their strengths.

Play Den: The play den is a place where children play freely without guidance. It has various centres, home and imagination, manipulatives and discovery.

Art Studio: The art studio is a stimulating place where children develop ideas. The wide range of art, craft and malleable materials allows children to explore and express freely.

Library: A rich environment encouraging children to develop a love for books, imagine and enact characters and stories as well as develop a warm bond with their mentors through story telling sessions.

Music Studio: The music studio is a place that puts a pulse and a beat into children. The exposure to a wide range of songs, rhymes, music genres and instruments enhances all their skills.


There are regular check ups by qualified paediatricians, to ensure that they are in good physical health according to their specific age groups. THE IDISCOVERI PRESCHOOL has a tie up with a nearby local hospital. In addition to a well equipped first aid kit, a doctor is always on call to manage emergencies.


The School serves a Mid Morning snack comprising of fruits, juices, light healthy snack and the mid-day meal needs to be brought by the child. We do not allow consumption of aerated beverages, junk snacks and parents are requested not to send the same.


We understand that parents would like their children to spend time in a safe and developmental environment while they are away at work.

THE IDISCOVERI PRESCHOOL at Sector 46 in Gurgaon, aims at creating a warm, safe and nurturing place for our Little Stars, to take their Leap into the world. It gives children an enriching environment that provides children space to explore and opportunities for them to develop naturally, in their own unique way. It prepares the child to become independent and transition from main care taker to accepting an environment other than his/her home.


Parents are involved, given feedback on their child's development and provided resources on positive parenting

A meeting will be organized on a timely basis. The dates/timings will be mentioned in the children's diary. We would appreciate, if both parents attend the meeting. A meeting other than the pre-fixed meeting can be arranged with prior notice.